Photo taken by Katie Weber Photo

Photo taken by Katie Weber Photo



My name is Vanessa and I am the photographer behind VBB Photos.

I enjoy shooting fine art, commercial and portrait photography. I am also a graduate of the Niagara College Digital Photography program, Class of 2017. 

From the ripe age of 11, you could always find me with a camera in my hands and in the faces of those I admired. I loved and still love documenting stories, freezing memories and creating pieces of art using light, subjects and composition.

With every photograph I take, I apply a unique and personal style which sets the mood of each shot.

I enjoy photographing a little bit of everything, but I specialize in commercial and portraits, of both people and pets, within the Ottawa and Niagara region. I run a small home photography studio out of Ottawa.

I have been featured in the 2015 and the 2016 Niagara College Digital Photography Gala.

I have been the very first recipient of the Niagara College Digital Photography "Big Heart" award, and have placed third in the fine art category of the 2016 NC Sickpix competition.